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Against EU Copyright Directive Article 13

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While reading wikipedia these days, there is a new banner calling for against the new "Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market" (which will be voted on 5 July) / "EU Copyright directive" / "file 2016/0280(COD)".

The three buttons link to the following pages respectively:

A brief reading shows that many organizations/foundations (e.g. EFF, Creative Commons, Wikimedia Foundation) oppose to this directive.

The context of this directive can be found at: https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX:52016PC0593

The main against of this directive is Article 11 and Article 13, especially Article 13.

My words

I should say I agree with many of the disputes that Article 13 should be reformed before applied (explanation at the end). One most probable consequence is that MEMEs will become unavailable. (And this will be one more of the stupid things people have done in recent years, just to satisfy the stale copyright laws.)

I don't know what really works, but I found three sites describing some ways:


The texts in the given link differs some bit between what's described in that wikipedia article. I presume this because of the different versions of the document.

Article 13 grants the censoring and blocking ability and obligation to "Information society service providers" (mostly social networking websites, including both commercial ones, e.g. twitter, facebook, and non-commercial ones, e.g. GNUSocial instances, if I understand correctly). This ability suggests them to use "effective content recognition technologies" to "prevent the availability on their services of works or other subject-matter identified by rightholders (through the cooperation with the service providers)".

Although this ability and obligation is supposed to be "appropriate and proportionate", but at least I don't believe commercial bodies (i.e. companies) will do this "appropriately" in a minimal effort way. They will overactive, both for their "compliance with the law" and for their profit purpose. Some companies in China have already demonstrated this, and I guess there are also some examples in Europe and America.

The piece of text says "identified by rightholders", but in reality "rightholders" in many cases are not a single human but a company. We have heard many stories how companies over-use their copyright to prevent what we as humans see as normal behaviours (let alone I don't totally agree with the copyright [law] nowadays because I think they are developed for paper-publishing era not digital era).

The "Information society service providers" are, most of the time, companies; companies are for profit. Therefore, the nature of capital makes them not sympathetic, and blocking the Internet doesn't really affect their profit (because "everyone" does this, leaving us no choice). https://twitter.com/EvenDragsnes/status/1014394747706925056 is definitely not a future I want.

(Terrorism and some other things shall be dealt with, but this directive has nothing to do with that.)

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